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Heel Pro Evolution

​The MaxxCare Heel Protector is constructed from a soft outer cover consisting of flame retardant and bioactive fibers. The inner compartments are filled with air tubes that never need to be re-filled or maintained because of their extreme air tightness. The air tubes are positioned to off-load the heel completely. In order to protect the heel in a patient there is a separate compartment covering the heel itself that will allow for pressure distribution and protections against shear and friction. 


  • New design features an improved lift of the heel, improved fit, and improved fixation

  • Features a comfortable and stable fit

  • Protects against heel decubitus and shear forces

  • The Heel Pro Evolution does not influence mobility and the mechanically strong air tubes allow the user to walk with the Heel Pro Evolution on.

  • Support quick wound healing

  • Prevents drop feet

  • Washable

New Vicair Cell

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