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Compressor/Battery Care


Charging your battery

Caring for your Airflo Compressor and battery is easy to do and full instructions can be found in your user manual, which can also be downloaded from the website. The type of battery used in the compressor is a Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery and it can be left on charge continuously without damaging the battery or charger.  The cost of charging a battery is a similar cost to switching on a light bulb.

To get the best performance from your Airflo battery, just follow a few simple rules:

  • Before using your Airflo Compressor for the first time, the battery must be charged overnight.

  • Fully recharge the battery after each use.

  • Do not charge in your bathroom or in a damp place.

  • The battery should always be fully charged before storage. If you store your Airflo for an extended period, be sure to charge the battery overnight every 3 months.

  • To check the battery status, there are lights on the side of the compressor. A steady green light indicates the battery is fully charged.

  • A battery which is fully charged but no longer provides the expected performance is most likely reaching the end of its useful life and should be replaced. When charging your battery it is not unusual for the charger to get warm.

Airflo Compressor maintenance

If you are getting fewer lifting cycles from your compressor (with a fully charged battery), the battery may be coming to the end of its life.

  • The battery can easily be replaced. Replacement batteries should always be obtained directly from Mangar International or from your supplier.

  • To replace the battery on an Airflo Plus, Turn the Airflo Plus upside down and remove the battery pack by pulling on its handle. To replace the battery on an Airflo Mk3, you will need a cross head screw driver to remove the screws from each of the two battery retaining plates on the back of the compressor.  Please see user instructions for details.

  • Other than battery charging and annual inspection of the air filter, the Airflo compressors are maintenance free and contain no other user serviceable parts.

Airflo product compatibility

We have two types of Airflo, the Airflo Mk3 and the Airflo Plus and their use is product specific.  The Airflo Plus is for use with the Camel and ELK lifting cushions.  The Airflo Mk3 is for use with the Bathing Cushion, Surfer Bather, Handy Pillow Lift, Sit-u-Up and Leglifter.

Travelling overseas with your compressor

If you plan to take your Airflo with you on a flight, the battery must be kept within the Airflo.  Do not remove it to travel. Always check with your airline for further guidance.

To prevent the Airflo from inadvertent operation whilst in transit, take the following precautions:

Airflo Plus – Remove the battery pack and cover the battery terminals with insulation tape. Refit the batteries.

Airflo Mk3 – Ensure that the hand control is disconnected from the Airflo.

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