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Beveled Fall Mat

Available in Grey or Brown

The Protekt™ beveled floor mat reduces the impact of a fall from bed. These bedside safety mats help reduce the possibility of impact related injuries and provide full-length coverage of the bed exit area.


This beveled floor mat is designed with a low profile of less than 0.7” (1.8cm) making it the lowest floor mat on the market! The tapered edge allows for easy equipment access, especially wheelchairs, and lessens the possibility of stumbling on the perimeter.

The lightweight design allows easy repositioning with minimal effort by all caregivers. The non-skid bottom ensures that this mat will always be in the right position.

The Protekt™ Beveled Floor Mat is an injury mitigating floor mat that is designed to stay in place even while delivering care or therapy.

  • Beveled edge helps to prevent accidental tripping. Wheelchairs can pass over them quickly and easily.

  • Vinyl has high tear resistance and strength for durability.

  • Nonskid bottom helps keep mat safely in place.

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • 70"x24"x0.7"

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